Whether you need just a small web widget, or a full-fledged website or web-based tool, we can help you.

We mainly develop platforms using PHP, jQuery, and a combination of other languages.


If you don't have time to maintain your website on your own, or prefer someone else to do it, we're up to the task.

We can publish your content, articles, and even keep your platform secured and up-to-date, if you're already using a content management system, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DNN, and more.


Do you have a server, or want to set up a server, but don't have the time to manage it yourself? We can help you get started, or do your regular maintenance.

We're fit to handle any platform, including Linux, Windows, Amazon Web Services, and more.



Even if your computer is slow, or doesn't work, doesn't immediately mean it's destined for the garbage heap. We will try to fix laptops, desktop/tower computers, and servers, and if we don't solve your problem, you don't pay anything, either. All operating systems available.

Internet-connected repair/diagnostics is available worldwide. Hardware repairs is limited to Norway, while on-site repairs are mainly limited to the Ålesund area.


A computer that is no longer used, can still be of use to someone else. Used computers can be a good option for those on a lower budget, but that also means the used computer should be prepared for resale.

We will wipe your old computer clean from dust, grit, and user data, and finally re-install an entire operating system, almost as fresh as new. The choice of operating system depends on the hardware of the old computer, but we'll do our best, and perhaps include a minor hardware upgrade suitable for its resale.


We provide domain registrations (over 100+ domain extensions), DNS hosting, website hosting, e-mail hosting, newsletter hosting, online storage solutions, and more, through our partners around the world.

With our decades-long experience, we can help you get ease of mind for all your Internet-related solutions.